Ranch Rodeo Teams
Howdy Partner!

The arena ministry is one the most important outreaches in the Cowboy Churches.The arena ministry through arena events is able to reach folks in the western culture with activities that they are interested in. This also creates an atmosphere and a place where some of these folks might come and be comfortable, but might not attend church. There are: playdays, ranch rodeos, team ropings, trail rides, kids goat rodeos and whatever we can use the arena for. Even folks that don’t participate enjoy watching and being part of the excitement. An arena ministry has unlimited possibilities. Another great use is to teach young and old alike skills such as horsemanship, roping skills, and caring for tack. These can be used to tie bible studies into daily living. The arena ministry is used to reach out to cowboy’s and cowgirl’s and folks who love the Western culture. A place where they have the opportunity to be involved in activities they love in a good family atmosphere where they can be touched by Gods’ people and exposed to His word. So if you love this life, come check us out and get involved. We will find a place for everybody.